Benefits of Energy-Efficient, Bathroom Underfloor Heating

04 August 2017

When remodeling a bathroom, you must consider what type of heat source will be effective and affordable in this room. The bathroom is the most important room in the house to keep warm and cozy since you are not fully […]

Waterproofing Wet Areas and Products Used for Waterproofing

31 July 2017

Bathrooms and laundry rooms, by their very definition, are wet areas. Of course, the moistness is acceptable, but only if a waterproofing strategy is in place, one that will protect the construction materials behind the wet area walls. After all, […]

Laundry Room and How It Has Now Become a Feature in the Home

10 July 2017

Years ago, homeowners washed their dishes, clothes, prepared meals, ate meals and relaxed all in the same room of the house, namely the kitchen. The houses were simple back then with fewer rooms. As houses transformed into the multi-room structures […]

Why Do You Need Wooden Elements in Your Bathroom?

26 June 2017

Today, bathrooms contain numerous features to assist with your daily grooming, bathing and private matters. While many of these features are smooth and possibly shiny in appearance, there are ways to add dimension and warmth to this room. Wooden elements […]

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas

15 June 2017

While bathrooms serve as utilitarian areas for you to groom in or take care of other personal needs in, they do not need to look unappealing and cold. With the right decor, you can transform this room into an oasis […]

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