10 Small Bathroom Ideas for a Lighter and More Relaxed Space

20 November 2020 Bathroom - Sans Souci
Bathroom - Sans Souci

In the past, a spacious bathroom often equates to a more relaxed ambience. Thanks to modern innovations, you can now have a lighter and more relaxed space with a little tinkering. Below are 10 small bathroom ideas for a lighter and more relaxed space. 

Bright Colours and Lights

A wooden floor and vanity can give the bathroom a warm and tranquil inclination. A delicate mint-green shade mirrors natural light from the window. The space encompassing the freestanding tub makes the room feel more open, as does the lightweight curtain fabric, which allows maximum light to enter.

Double Down on Dark Colour

The tone will simultaneously impart a major night-sky impact and also skip the little light you have around the space. Doing so will also draw attention to the light apparatuses, so you’ll have to pick them mindfully—bulbs that acquire a lot of light, shapes you wouldn’t fret being pretty articulated.

Utilise Mirrors

Rather than simply hanging one above the vanity, consider reflecting an entire wall of your minuscule bathroom. The impression of light and pattern and, now and then, that open entryway will do the same great work a window does. If reflecting a whole wall won’t work in your space, you can simply add numerous mirrors to one wall.

Try Pocket Doors

Although this stunt is somewhat more labour-concentrated, replacing your entryway with a pocket entryway that hides into the wall can open up space for additional storage. You’ll simply need to discover another spot to hang your towels.

Clear Floors

Covering the floor with a vanity or storage containers can create a cramped space, also stumbling hazards. A pedestal or floating sink keeps the floor clear, and installing floating storage will help avoid all you require at all costs.

Large Scale Wall Covering

You may think you have to go for a modest theme, yet it’s better to pull out all the stops. Medium-and large-scale wallpapers and tile patterns can make space feel larger. Regardless of whether you pick large tiles or a much greater pattern is up to you; they’ll both give an illusionary scale in restricted living arrangements.

Tile to Shower Pattern

Whole lines give any space more profundity. Utilise this idea in your bathroom by installing the same tile on your floor and shower. The impact is a whole surface that makes the whole room appear to be larger.

Shower Shelf

The absolute best small bathroom ideas are all about creating space for storage, including your soaps and jugs. If your shower lacks space, you can install a rack in about 20 minutes.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

Patterned towels, vintage carpets, and sophisticated lighting also add flies of personality. Lighting and bath apparatuses resemble the adornments of the room. Use them to carry a little glamour into space.


In case you’re planning your little bathroom from scratch (or redesigning), consider a minuscule corner sink. Nobody says you have to have a full-size standard sink. A corner sink takes care of business similarly as well—in addition to it gives you a lot of space and less to clean.

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