5 Smart Ideas for Your Modern High-Tech Bathrooms

28 April 2021

With the many wonders of the contemporary high-tech world, there is a continuous flow of new smart products and features for home decor. There are new advancements and updates for furnishings and accessories in virtually every room of your home, including the bathroom. 

These products range from practical conveniences to novelty items. Yet the most popular ones enhance your current bath decor with added convenience, style and efficiency. New smart technology for bathrooms mixes optimal practicality with ultimate luxury. 

Five Innovative Smart Ideas to Enhance Your Modern High-Tech Bathrooms

The following five recent smart ideas can enhance the style and practical features of your contemporary high-tech bathrooms:

1. TouchlessTapware. Attractive styles in touchless faucets are making the transition from public restroom sinks to home bathroom basins, tubs and showers. These eco-friendly tapware designs can reduce your water consumption significantly. You can either install the latest digital faucets or connect low-flow aerators to your current faucets. 

2. Convenience Heating. Especially if you live in a cold climate, having heated towel racks and radiant-heated floor tiles can make getting up early much easier. Even if your home’s heating system is just beginning to produce some warmth, your bath towels and bathroom flooring will offer warm, cozy comfort. 

Even in warmer climates, it can be a great relief to wake up to a bathroom heated by these modern-tech features on cold winter days. When you have such spa-style luxuries in your home baths, you can enjoy feeling like a favourite guest in your own home. These small luxuries can make a huge difference in your overall mood as you start or end your busy day. 

3. Connectable Cabinets. Today’s designs in vanities and medicine cabinet consoles not only include multiple outlets to accommodate electric toothbrushes, razors and other grooming tools. They also have charging stations for your smartphone and other digital devices. 

Some models also offer integrated flat screens and built-in speakers for sound systems. Warming drawers for towels and refrigerating units for organic skincare products may also be included. 

4. Tech-Savvy Showers and Tubs. The latest models in showers and tubs for your bathroom are certain to transform your bathing time into a high-tech spa experience. Chromatherapy is a current popular trend that combines a varied spectrum of colour and light to ensure a relaxing bath and positive mood. 

Some showers offer steam treatments while new tub designs provide a spa-style experience with builtin radiant heating pads. Builtin waterproof TVs, stereo systems and speakers are also in demand for enhancing bath time. 

5. Tech-Advanced Toilets. If you install low-flow toilets in your home bathrooms, particularly models that include dual-flush features, you can reduce your household water use while lowering utility costs. Shop for a toilet with a lowered flush-per-gallon capacity. Over time, you can reduce your home water consumption levels significantly. 

Some of the newest toilet designs offer quality builtin speaker options along with docking setups for your tablet and smartphone. Of course, toilet seat warmers are included as well as touchless flushing mechanisms and self-cleaning toilet bowls. 

When you contact our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla NSW, you will gain excellent advice concerning advanced high-tech ideas and features for your bathrooms. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal tech-advanced products and accessories to transform bath time in your household into a luxurious contemporary spa-style experience.

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