5 Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

24 February 2021

Many houses and apartments have relatively small bathrooms. Even in spacious home settings with open-plan living areas, bathrooms may be stylish yet lacking in space. Especially since most homeowners and families around the globe are spending more time at home today, spacious rooms are needed.

Whether your home bath is traditional, farmhouse, contemporary-chic or boho in style, making it appear larger seems essential. You may not have time or the desire to do a complete bathroom makeover today, yet there are some clever less complex solutions. Just by making a few simple, innovative changes, you can create a new bathroom that definitely seems larger with unique fashion and flair.

Five Creative Design Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Five creative and innovative design tips to make your bathroom look and feel larger include the following:

1. Reduce Colour and Stylistic Contrasts. Most contrasting colours and design features like wainscoting and moulding can divide walls visually and make rooms seem smaller. Yet this does not mean that you are limited to white or neutral shades without decoration for your bathroom interior. Just by using lighter tones in your favourite hues, you can open up the interior space visually and aesthetically.

Wainscoting, panelling and moulding generally cover only certain sections of walls. By using a single colour for both the walls and these decorative accents, you can create a more expansive ambiance. Installing larger wall tiles that cover an entire wall rather than just the upper or lower part will produce a similar effect.

2. Increase Amounts of Natural Light. Windows in bathrooms are often small and may not get much direct sunshine. However, they can still admit some natural light to brighten the interior. Try installing translucent shades or curtains rather than think drapes to let more light enter the room from outdoors. Venetian blinds are also ideal treatments for a small bath window, since you can adjust their degree of openness. 

Bathroom skylights are also excellent additions for creating a brighter, more appealing room that appears larger than its dimensions. Even on cloudy days, your skylight will admit the pleasing glow of pure, natural light. Even when subtle, this extra amount of lighting can enlarge your bathroom significantly while enhancing its colour scheme. 

3. Add a Sizable Wall Mirror. By installing a large mirror on a wall in your bathroom, you can improve the room’s lighting quality greatly. It can be truly amazing how much reflected light from a mirror can illuminate a room interior. The pure quality and subtle nuances of colours and tonalities from reflected natural light can enhance your bath’s overall decor and coloration impressively. 

If you choose a frameless mirror, it will open up the room the most effectively. If your favourite large mirror is heavy, you can steady it with screws secured into the wall’s studs for support and safety. Be sure to shop for a mirror that is resistant to dulling or tarnishing when exposed to high-moisture environments.   

4. Consider Replacing Your Bathroom Vanity. Although they are attractive and convenient, bathroom vanities with lower cabinets also require extra space. Especially in small baths, they can seem to overpower the room in both size and stylistic influence. Consider replacing your vanity with a cantilevered countertop than can fold down when not needed. Another attractive option is installing an elegant, rustic or minimalist pedestal sink as a fashionable space saver.   

5. Favour the Tall, Sleek and Slim Look. Remove any awkward or oversize towel racks, heating units or wall-installed hampers and cabinets. Choose ladder shelves or slender open shelving that extends upward on walls. Especially since small bathrooms can seem boxy, select tall, slim cabinetry and oblong or rectangular sconce or pendant lights and accessories. You might even install a sleek vertical green wall or flower garden with a slim wall-mounted fountain.  

Our design and decor experts at Creative Bathrooms & Interiors in New South Wales can guide you in creating the ultimate new bathroom decor of your dreams.

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