5 Ways to Achieve a Luxury Bathroom Feel on Your New Bathroom

08 September 2022

We all enjoy staying in those fancy hotels with their luxurious bathrooms. You know the ones where they give you the impression that you’re at a spa! You can achieve that at home, though! It’s thrilling to start planning your bathroom renovation at this point.

Renovations don’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars to be successful. A few straightforward additions to the bathroom can quickly transform it into a more luxurious space. Without making significant changes, you can transform your bathroom into your own personal spa in only one day on a small budget. We’ve pulled together our (no.) ways to help you achieve a luxurious bathroom feel in your new bathroom.

Consider a High Ceiling Bathroom

There is no denying that high ceilings, like a pitched roof in a cathedral style, greatly impress and redefine the norm in terms of architecture. However, this won’t be a viable option for all house improvements, as it might necessitate significant building work.

The amount of usable space already present, as well as the age of the property, will determine if it is possible to raise ceilings without raising the roof. Other things to think about include how it will affect where the insulation is placed around the bathroom, potential locations for wiring, lighting, and ventilation systems, and how you plan to heat the bathroom with the extra space.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Installing a light above the vanity is our go-to solution for lighting up your bathroom. Some of them are blingy and give a bathroom a hint of luxury. However, most of them aren’t much better than “builder’s grade”.

When choosing lights for your luxury bathroom makeover, think like a designer. Think about installing sconce lighting on either side of your vanity mirror. This creates a subdued atmosphere. Place pot lights over your tub or shower and above the vanity if you enjoy how they look. They will perform the function of task lighting without interfering with your decor.

Make Your Vanity Standout

I do advise you to invest a little more in this particular area. Make your vanity the room’s centre point. You will likely utilise this bathroom fixture the most. Adjust it to suit your needs. A lot of drawers and the appropriate type of storage should be there.

Include a Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower, which is also extremely aesthetically beautiful, offers a smooth transition from the rest of the bathroom and contributes to the sensation of space. Additionally, because there are no obstacles, they are considerably safer and easier to access if you intend to stay in this place until you are old.

Choose Natural Stone Surfaces

Surfaces made of natural stone make a strong, distinct statement about luxury. Whether you choose granite, marble, or engineered quartzite materials, you can either go big and redo the entire area or just splash a little bit of each here and there in the form of a countertop. It is appropriate for the counters, floor, walls, shower, and bathtub as a wet area.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a luxury spa-like feel in your bathroom. Make the most of your bathroom renovation project by working with Creative Bathrooms & Interiors. With over 35 years of experience, we can guarantee that our experienced professionals can provide innovative design techniques and state-of-the-art products. Contact us today!

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