Bathroom Renovation: Ways to Maximise Natural Light

10 October 2022

The layout is crucial to creating a well-designed environment, and bathrooms are no exception. It involves considering the room’s flow, the arrangement of furniture such as vanity cabinets and storage, and many other factors. Making sure you have enough lighting from various sources is another crucial aspect of designing a well-equipped bathroom. Wherever it is possible, include natural light in your bathroom renovation, even though a combination of lighting is preferable.

Natural light provides a free source of light that complements your lighting scheme and uplifts your mood naturally. If your bathroom has a window, especially one with a beautiful view, it makes sense to maximise the impact of natural light on the room.

Here are some ways to maximise natural light in your bathroom:

Don’t Block Natural Light

Don’t use furniture, like linen or vanity cabinets to obscure the light from the windows. Place furniture as far away from windows that provide as much helpful light as you can, or possibly place extra storage cabinets so they fit neatly underneath windows.

It’s All About Proper Positioning

Even the positioning of a vanity or makeup table might be something to consider if you want to use natural light while getting ready. Another choice is to place the tub close to a window, letting you soak in the tub while taking in the sunshine or a lovely view. Additionally, you can construct your shower enclosure next to or near a window. Consider using a half window blind that covers the lower half of the window if privacy is a problem or add a sheer curtain or blind that still lets most of the sunlight through.

Reflect The Light Using Mirrors

Install mirrors to reflect light so that it spreads out more evenly and gives the impression that the space is larger. Any bathroom design should include mirrors because they are necessary for getting ready, including shaving, and applying makeup. Another method is to use bathroom hardware with light, shining finishes, such as polished chrome.

Paint Your Bathroom Walls Right

Another easy technique to maximise the amount of natural light entering your bathroom is to paint the walls. Make sure to give your walls a fresh coat of paint because poorly maintained walls with flaky, peeling paint will only worsen the shadows. Selecting a brighter hue reflecting light rather than dark is preferable because dark colours absorb light. Options that don’t absorb natural light and can make the space look cosy and cheery include turquoise, coral, and yellow. Use high-quality waterproof paint in bathrooms because water and moisture are a given.

Any bathroom can benefit from these easy-to-apply tips and methods, and a change can be seen immediately. Getting your natural light just right will help you achieve a smart, modern, and refreshing style, regardless of whether you want to decorate a roomy master bathroom or maybe you’re seeking to impress visiting guests and family with your small downstairs cloakroom.

If you are ready to maximise natural light in your bathroom, know that the foundation of Creative Bathrooms & Interiors’ business philosophy is a desire to provide excellence and go above and beyond for our clients. You can work with us to complete your bathroom goals. You can contact us for all your bathroom renovation needs.

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