Bathroom Tiling with Creative Bathrooms and Designs: Here’s How We Can Help You

23 August 2022

Tiles may be the finest option if you are renovating and need to choose the best material for your bathroom walls. It is one of the most important factors when designing the ideal bathroom. When it comes to tiling your bathroom, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, including porcelain, ceramic, stone effects, and timber effects. Fortunately, Creative Bathrooms & Interiors has all you need and can make your dream bathroom makeover happen!

What draws so many people to tiles, though? Below, we have listed what benefits you can get if you decide to install tiles on your bathroom with Creative Bathrooms and Designs.

Limitless Design Options

You might think that because tiles need to be cut by a stonemason, they can only be made in geometric and straight-edged patterns. However, waterjet technology is used to generate complicated curves in modern tile designs. Your design options are virtually endless with Creative Bathrooms and Interiors. You can select any style, from quirky and mismatched to trendy grey and white, that perfectly complements your decor.

Additionally, tiles come in a range of materials, including glass, which brightens the space; natural stone, which has a regal appearance; and porcelain, which has a smooth finish. You have the choice to decorate with anything from tiny mosaic tiles to enormous square slabs because there are various sizes and shapes of tiles available too.

Moisture Resistant

Bathrooms are known for being places where a lot of moisture can accumulate. Along with the steam from your everyday shower or bath, tile floors can also become stained by abrasive cleaners, soaps, and shampoos.

However, as tiles are non-porous, you need not worry. They are built to handle this kind of damp environment daily efficiently. Additionally, Creative Bathrooms and Interiors will ensure that your tiles are installed correctly and sealed to prevent surface damage from corrosive chemicals. You don’t need to be concerned and can use your bathroom freely.

Durability and Long-Lasting

If you invest in a bathroom renovation with Creative Bathrooms and Interiors, we’ll ensure you understand how long-lasting the materials you choose will be.

Choosing tiles for your bathroom is an investment that will last a very long time. Tiles are a very durable material because they are so tough. The grout that holds each tile in place prevents water from penetrating and damaging the wall behind it, making tiles the perfect choice for bathroom walls. Tiles maintain their perfect appearance for much longer than other materials, like paint, which can crumble and turn discoloured after continuous contact with moisture and water.


Even though paint initially costs less, tiles are still the most affordable option. They are a long-term solution that keeps their quality and allure. The price per square metre of tiles is still reasonable, and when you consider the fact that they require little upkeep and raise the value of your house, the decision is clear. Additionally, marble tiles won’t conduct heat if you choose them. This indicates that the heat from the shower, bath, or sunlight does not penetrate the wall and instead remains in the space, saving you money on energy costs.

Additionally, with over 35 years of experience, Creative Bathrooms and Interiors knows how to meet your design and remodelling demands while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism. You can be confident that you’ll get the top-notch services you deserve with us.

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