Benefits of Energy-Efficient, Bathroom Underfloor Heating

04 August 2017

When remodeling a bathroom, you must consider what type of heat source will be effective and affordable in this room. The bathroom is the most important room in the house to keep warm and cozy since you are not fully clothed when taking a shower or bath. Radiant or underfloor heating is the most energy-efficient choice for this room of the house, but also it provides various other benefits that you need to consider. We list a sampling of these advantages in the following facts.

Heats the Room from the Floor

Instead of heating the room from the ceiling or upper areas of the bathroom, which leaves cold air at the floor, radiant heating warms the room from the floor. As a result, bare feet stay comfortably warm since there is only warm air in the room and next to the floor.

Comes in Different Types of Setups

You can select from two different types of radiant heating, namely water-based and electric systems. The first one consists of tubing that contains hot water and the second consists of plastic, heat-conducting mats that contain wiring. While both are energy-efficient, the electric version costs a bit more to operate than the water-based models.

Costs Far Less to Operate than Other Types of Heating

Underfloor heating costs far less to operate than forced-air and radiator heating system do use each day. In fact, you will save enough to invest in other parts of your home periodically to enhance it to suit your tastes. Power bills are high enough without using heating sources that are not cost-effective to operate.

Operates Independently from Other Heat Sources in the House

Another benefit of radiant heating is the fact that you can adjust the temperature separately from the rest of the house. The majority of the time you will want the bathroom warmer than the living room, bedrooms, kitchen or other rooms. It will be your oasis from the hectic world.

Underfloor Heating Is Quiet and Unobtrusive

Radiant or underfloor heating also is quiet and completely out of sight, unlike other types of heat sources. This type of system has no vents, radiators or noisy blowers. The bathroom will be more attractive and quiet as a result of this fact.

To learn further advantages of energy-efficient, bathroom underfloor heating, contact Creative Bathrooms and Interiors. We specialise in bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovations, and offer innovative layout, colour and design services. Our designers will work with you to ensure that your bathroom is all that you wish it to be along with the radiant heating source.

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