Best Tile for Your Bathroom Floor: How to Make the Right Choice

24 May 2021

The most important factors when selecting your bathroom floor tiling are appearance, durability and non-slippage rating. Since your bathroom floor is subject to the normal wear-and-tear of daily use, high durability is essential. 

Of course, you want an attractive design and appealing colours and shades for your bath floor tiles, and top non-slippage ratings are of utmost importance. If not visibly wet from bathing and showering, bathroom floors usually collect moisture from the room atmosphere’s overall high degrees of dampness.

Your choice of bathroom floor tiling must also coordinate pleasingly with other major items of decor in the room interior. Colours and tonalities, textures, patterns and surface qualities are all important features to consider before buying these tiles. You must also decide whether to mix or match your floor tiling with the wall and shower tiles. Your interior designer or renovations team can offer advice if you need help in making this decision.

Choosing the Ideal Floor Tiles for Your Home Bathroom 

You can make the best choice in floor tiling for your home bathroom by heeding the following tips from tile experts: 

  • Porcelain Tiles. Porcelain is an excellent material for bathroom flooring due to its denseness and durability. It is also slip-resistant and is available on the market in a wide array of dynamic or subtle colour choices. Porcelain also offers high degrees of resistance to scratching, scarring and staining. 

This material has a low moisture absorption rate and normally has a matte finish, yet high-polish and glazed finishes are also available. Porcelain is produced from dense clay that is kiln-fired at high temperatures. This ensures its strength and lack of porosity.

  • Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic tiles are also produced from clay. Although they are typically somewhat less strong and durable than porcelain, they are also a good choice for bathroom flooring. Ceramic tiles must have glazing or finish that is rated for bath flooring to provide the best long-term wear. 

Over time, a bathroom floor made of ceramic tiles may show some signs of staining or scratching. Yet with a quality installation that features a durable underlayment, a floor composed of ceramic tiling can offer dependable use over time. 

  • Natural Stone Tiles. Bathroom flooring made of natural stone is stunning and durable. Although porous, many types of stone offer reliable beauty and long-term use. You can make your choice from marble, granite, travertine, slate, limestone and other natural stones. 

These stone finishes provide good degrees of non-slippage, which is especially important for bathroom shower flooring. Natural stone tiles also offer a wide variety of strong or subtle colours, textures and veining. These qualities make them attractive as major elements of the room decor and offer opportunities for stunning effects in combination with other design and decorative elements.

By consulting our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you can obtain valuable advice, materials, designs and installation services for stunning bathroom floor tiling. Our experienced professional team will ensure that you select the perfect type and style in floor tiles to brighten and enhance your overall bath decor. 

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