Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

11 October 2017

Even the most well-designed, modern kitchens often need extra storage space. Because we live in an age abundant with myriad electronic devices that peel, dice, slice, chop, mix, bake, steam, roast and nuke, home chefs are constantly in need of additional kitchen cabinets, shelves and cupboards for storing these updated culinary conveniences. At one time, spacious countertop space was the dream of every household cook and food preparation experimenter. Most current kitchen designs now include plenty of attractive and functional counter space to make preparing meals and snack foods easier and more pleasurable. However, many designers are still trying different types of storage space in kitchen layouts to determine what works best for contemporary home cooking.

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas Currently in Popular Use

Some of the most popular and frequently requested types of clever and functional kitchen storage today include the following choices:

• Vertical Storage. – One popular type of kitchen storage today is a Scandinavian design. This vertical, suspended wall cabinetry is an ideal way to keep countertops free for food preparation and use of portable electronic food preparation devices. These deep wall cabinets are installed just high enough on the wall near your kitchen counters so that they are easily reachable, but above head level to avoid possible injury. Interior shelving in these hanging cabinets is spacious, and the doors usually display beautiful timber grains or timber frames with clear or frosted glass pane insets as well as handsome brass or wrought iron handles and hinges.

• Under-Bench Drawers. – These low or deep drawers beneath benchtops are best for storing small kitchen appliances and large cooking pots and pans. Smaller sections of these drawers are helpful for stowing pantry and cooking staples like flour bags, tall dried food boxes and canned or unopened bottled foods and drinks. Smaller drawers above these larger ones are good for storing cooking utensils, flatware, chopping knives and cutting boards. Any extra drawer space can be handy for keeping clean kitchen hand towels and fresh table napkins ready for use.

• Island Storage. – The spacious area beneath your kitchen island countertop is the perfect place for keeping larger kitchen appliances and heavy, cumbersome cooking vessels, serving platters and trays. Many home cooks like the new island storage design that features large, closed cupboards for kitchen equipment storage on one side and open shelving on the other side for easy access to cookbooks and cooking appliance user manuals.

By consulting the experienced, professional interior designers, builders and installers at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors in Sutherland Shire and Illawarra, you will obtain the very best advice, designs and installation of your new kitchen cabinetry and storage decor. These experts will guide you through the steps to the ideal culinary storage types and unit sizes to best enhance your attractive, functional kitchen update with the ultimate kitchen storage choices and styles.

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