Create a Focal Point in Your Bathroom with These Bathroom Renovation Ideas

26 September 2022

Although bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in your house, both your family and visitors use them the most. Because of this, remodelling the bathroom is at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. Small-space design can be difficult. Bathrooms must be designed to be as useful as possible, with carefully chosen materials and finish to best suit the owner’s preferences. Every renovation design should include focal points, especially in bathrooms. They serve as focal areas for your aesthetic preferences and details that provide visual interest.

Finding potential focal points when designing a bathroom makeover is something we enjoy doing at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors. Look at these ideas if you need some inspiration or ideas for your bathroom renovation.

Choose The Right Vanity

Choosing the appropriate vanity for your bathroom involves meticulous planning and an eye for detail to create the ideal combination of sinks, tapware, benchtops, and storage. Several alternatives are available, ranging from freestanding vanities with drawers and/or under-sink storage to ones that are tiled in or ones with leg designs so you can clean under them. A double sink vanity is a popular option for families, appropriate for both master bathrooms and ensuites if you can accommodate one. Due to their aesthetic appeal and the benefit of making the bathroom appear larger than it is, floating vanities are becoming more and more popular.

Feature a Freestanding Bathtub

The freestanding bathtub has come a long way from its cast iron days and is now a prominent feature in many modern bathrooms that were influenced by TV makeover shows. Take the time to carefully choose the correct bath to suit the layout of the area and the overall feel you’re going for. A variety of forms, sizes, and colours are available. Give this scene-stealing feature enough of room and a freestanding tap for the ultimate showpiece. Ample space surrounding your freestanding tub makes it much simpler to clean and should soothe any worries you may have regarding the practical maintenance of this feature.

Be Specific with the Mirrors

In bathroom makeovers, mirrors are making a major comeback and taking centre stage rather than merely serving as a necessary component. Consider proportionality to vanity when making decisions on the mirror’s size, style, and placement. Making the mirror as broad as the vanity is a frequent strategy to ensure that the two perfectly align and create equilibrium. You can choose to utilise numerous mirrors or one large enough to fit both if your vanity is wide, especially if it has many sinks.

Showcase a Feature Wall

Adding a feature wall can easily make your shower the centre of attention. You have an incredible variety of beautiful, colourful, and traditional tile designs, making it easy to locate the ideal tile. More renovators are selecting tiles that go well with natural décors, such as marble and limestone, as more homeowners are interested in establishing a bathroom getaway. By adding patterned or geometric tiles that produce a subdued yet opulent aesthetic, a neutral colour scheme can be brought to life. You’ll get a serene yet beautiful place that is ideal for unwinding and rejuvenating when paired with frameless showerless screens, which prevent the shower area from detracting from the overall retreat design.

Contact Creative Bathrooms and Interiors immediately to discuss the many options for establishing a chic focal point in your bathroom if you want to add some wow factor to your bathroom renovation.

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