Creative Ideas for Your Home Interior Design with the New “Very Peri” Pantone Colour

08 March 2022

As the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year, “Very Peri” is all the rage in interior design for this season. According to Pantone’s advanced tracking methods and trends, this favourite hue of the year is expected to have a strong visual impact throughout 2022 around the globe.

This intriguing colour of Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938) is a variation of the colour purple. Its appearance is somewhere between dark periwinkle and lilac. This unique shade is created by skillfully mixing the cool tones of blue with a warmish undertone of red.

The resulting colour signifies the current positive modernity that entices one and all to openly express imagination, experimentation and risk-taking in all areas of our lives. There are two major areas of daily life in which Very Peri, as this dynamic contemporary symbol, is clearly displayed. One is on the fashion runway. The other is in our home decor.

Innovative and Ingenious Ideas for Using Very Peri in Your Home Interior Design

Innovative and creative ideas for including Very Peri Pantone Colour in your home interior design today include the following:

• Statement Item of Design or Decor. Very Peri is a unique colour tone that is equally compatible with multiple styles of decor. These styles include shabby chic, Art Deco, bohemian, minimalist and contemporary elegance.

Try selecting a statement item like a plush tufted velvet or suede Queen Anne chair for your primary bath’s adjoining dressing area or a slender modern wrought iron and marble vanity design. Choose Very Peri fabric upholstery for the chair or Very Peri semi-gloss paint for the vanity’s iron frame and legs. Either will attract immediate attention from anyone entering your ensuite bathroom and dressing area.

• Interior Walls.
By painting or tiling one or more walls of your room in rich, vibrant shades of Very Peri from Pantone, the leading colour expert, you can add dramatic character to the interior.

At the same time that this unique tone offers energy and vitality to the room, it also lends a sense of calm tranquillity. This curious and pleasing duality of stylistic and decorative effects of this fascinating hue makes it even more versatile and popular for 2022.

• Effective Accents and Accessories. Shades of Very Peri can be used for pops of colour as enhancing throw pillow accents for your stylish bathroom bench or in accessories like small rugs, candles, vases or pottery. This colour will brighten and enliven your room while the cool periwinkle base shade offers a touch of soothing calmness.

This intriguing colour can be added for dynamic effects to such colour schemes as sand, cocoa and beige or even green and pink or orange and yellow for amazing blends and contrasts in tonalities.

By consulting our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you can obtain fascinating advice concerning the use of the new Very Peri Pantone Colour in 2022. Our professional team has extensive experience in the use of many different hues, shades and tonalities for home design and decor.

Our team will guide you in selecting the ideal way to include this many-faceted colour in your attractive and inspiring bathroom interior updates for this year.

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