Floor Tiling – What’s New?

18 September 2017

Floor tiling is always a major element of designing or refurbishing your bathroom interior. In general, homeowners want a chic, stylish and attractive, but cost-effective and durable tile to include in their new bath decor. As well as coordinating with and complementing the bathroom fixtures and other selected design features of the room, the floor tiles should make a definite and pleasing decor statement of their own. Fortunately, home builders and renovators today have a wide array of floor tile designs from which to choose when deciding on new bath flooring. More focus and attention is now given to producing many different types, styles and patterning of floor tiles, so it is easier than ever today to locate the ideal flooring to complete your new or revitalized bathroom decor.

New Trends and Style Updates in Modern Bath Floor Tiles

Some of the most popular current trends and style updates in modern bathroom floor tiles designs include the following choices:

Geometric and Subway Tiling. – When you select the appealing and unique style of geometric and subway tiling for your bathroom walls and floors, you will add a touch of style and movement to your overall bath interior design. One convenient aspect of choosing geometric and subway tiling is that is coordinates well with virtually any other decor elements you may choose to include. This type of tiling also wears well over time and requires very little maintenance other than cleaning.

Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles. – If you choose to install stone-look porcelain floor tiles in your bathroom, you will enjoy a cool, calming design feature that will blend well with other decor features you may include. This variety of floor covering also complements both bright and subdued colors, so there is no need to worry about it not fitting into the overall look and ambiance of the room. These porcelain tiles are also practical since they are easy to clean, maintaining their surface sheen and appeal for a long time.

Marble Mosaic Tiling. – This type of mosaic tiling is all the rage in new bathroom flooring today. Marble is durable and offers practical upkeep and a handsome look as a floor covering. Its varied surface patterns and subtle coloration variances lend a sense of natural creative design to your new bath interior. Natural marble has an appealing matte finish which adds a sense of depth and cool sophistication to the entire interior.

Concrete Look Tiles – This type of tiling is ideal for minimalistic design and furnishings. They require very little maintenance and they provide a natural warmth when matched with metals, whites and light greys. Lots of grey hues are popular and on trend – industrial look with all the latest tapware in matt finish.

By consulting the design experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors in Sutherland Shire and South Coast, NSW, you will obtain excellent advice and interior design or renovations services for your bathroom. This expert team of interior planning and design experts can offer you an ideal selection of the most attractive contemporary floor tiling types and materials now available to consumers along with top-tier advice and installation services. This highly experienced team will help you make the best selection of attractive and practical new tiling to enhance all aspects of your new bath interior.

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