Four Important Factors to Consider When Buying New Bathroom Tiles

14 October 2021

When designing a new bathroom or updating your existing bath, the wall and floor tiles that you select are major elements of influence on the overall look and appeal of the room. You want to coordinate your tiling colour and style with the other important features of interior decor. While large tiles can enlarge the appearance of your bathroom visually, smaller tiling can lend a sense of warmth and charm to a large bath interior.

Four Major Design Aspects to Consider When Purchasing New Bathroom Tiling

Major aspects of room design to consider when purchasing new tiles for your bathroom include the following four features:

  1. Your Budget. Whether you want to install natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles on your bathroom walls and flooring, you should stay within your spending budget when making your choice. Ceramic tile is the least expensive type. However, it does not have a through-body composition, meaning that if you chip in a green ceramic tile, its interior will be white rather than green. Yet porcelain, which is somewhat more costly than ceramic tile, has a through-body composition. Porcelain is also very durable and water-resistant. Stone tiles are porous, yet they are quite strong and durable as well.
  1. Tile Size and Style. It seems that subway and basket-weave tiles are destined to stay in vogue indefinitely. Currently, large 12 by 24-inch tiling is the highest in popularity for bathroom interiors. However, if you still favour subway tiles, you can create an attractive mix of classic and contemporary styles by choosing 4 by 16-inch subway tiles. This size and style of tiling combine traditional and trending modes of decor.
  1. Your Colour Scheme. Determine your bathroom colour scheme and make your tiling choices accordingly. While dark wall and floor tiles tend to make a large, open bathroom interior seem warmer and cozier, lighter shades can enlarge a small bath visually. You may want to use darker colour tones for floor tiling and lighter shades on the walls. You can create an appealing effect by using large wall tiles in light colours and smaller tiling in bright, vibrant shades for the splashback above the vanity sink.
  1. Shower Tiles. When tiling the walls of your shower, be sure that your new tiling reaches the ceiling. This will add visual height to the bathroom. It will also keep the drywall from getting wet and prevent peeling or crumbling. With floor-to-ceiling wall tiling, your shower will be easy to clean and maintain. Whether you choose bright and colourful or neutral and subdued shower wall and floor tiles, they will add classic elegance or casual-chic style to your overall bath decor.

When you consult our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you will benefit from excellent advice, designs and full building or renovating services for your new bathroom interior. Our experts will ensure that your choice of tiles for your new bath walls and flooring will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your expectations, desires and needs for stylish, practical and long-lasting floor and wall surfaces.

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