Four Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your Old Bathroom Tiles

02 December 2021

If you want to give your bathroom a fresh new look and atmosphere, you can achieve this by getting rid of your old bath wall and floor tiles. With attractive fixtures and tapware, a stylish console vanity and a spa-style bath and shower, it may be difficult to determine why your home bath still looks somewhat outdated. With close observation, you may discover that the old wall and floor tiling gives the room interior a slightly aged look.

Four Important Reasons for Replacing Your Aging Bathroom Tiles

Four major reasons why you should get rid of your old bathroom tiles include the following:

  1. Enhance Your Overall Bathroom Decor. When you install new floor and wall tiles in your home bath, they will greatly enhance the style and ambience of your entire room decor. Many homeowners tend to think of bath tiles as necessary background elements of room design.

Yet these tiles have a major influence on the attractiveness and continuity of the overall interior decor. If you update your bathroom fixtures, tapware, vanity, cabinets and shelving without installing new tiling, you will most likely be disappointed in the resulting visual effect.

  1. Upgrade with New Colour Choices. If you select the latest season’s featured colours for your bathroom wall and floor tiling, your room interior is sure to exhibit a fresh new look and atmosphere. Especially when you replace both floor and wall tiles at the same time, you will achieve your ideal combinations of the latest colours, tones and textures that are currently available in tiling.

You will take more time and care in choosing beautifully coordinated tile shades, whether boldly stated or gently nuanced. Your bath interior will gain a pleasing look of well-designed style and updated elegance.

  1. Avoid Unsightly Chipped, Cracked or Faded Tiling. By discarding your old bathroom tiles before they start to weaken and deteriorate, you can replace them before they show signs of chipping, cracking or fading.

You can install stunning new tiling on the floor and walls of your bath before the old ones give the room an aging, neglected appearance. You may be surprised at how much replacing your bathroom tiles can upgrade the overall fashion and flair of your bath interior.

  1. Prevent Dangers of Loose or Falling Tiles. By replacing your old bathroom tiles before they loosen or fall, you can avoid slips, falls and injuries in your home bath. Each year, a number of people are injured from falling wall tiles while bathing or showering.

Others suffer slips, trips and falls due to loose floor tiles. All of these incidents can be prevented if homeowners are diligent about discarding old, worn and loose floor and wall tiles and replacing them with secure installations of attractive new tiling.

When you consult our experienced professionals at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you will gain valuable information and advice concerning replacing your old bathroom tiling. Our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal new floor and wall tiling to update and greatly enhance your overall home bath decor.

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