Four Ways to Add Elegance and Style to Your Ensuite Bathroom

18 November 2021

Your ensuite bathroom should be just as fashionable and attractive as your adjoining bedroom. Since these two rooms are designed as a unit, they should share a common design theme and mode of decor. If you engage the services of a professional interior designer, they will be well-prepared and accustomed to coordinating the design and furnishings of your bedroom and bath.

Yet if you are performing an update on these two connected rooms as a DIY project, you may need some advice concerning how to add elegance and style to your ensuite bathroom.

Four Innovative Ways to Include Elegance and Style in Your Ensuite Bathroom

Four creative and innovative ways to add elegance and style to your ensuite bathroom include the following:

1. Marble or Granite Countertop. By installing a stunning marble or granite countertop for your vanity console, you will add outstanding beauty and glamour to your ensuite bathroom interior. The lovely mixture of colours and textures of the natural stone along with its elegant veining will enhance your bath with the ultimate fashionable style. The pure essence of the stone will also lend a pleasing natural quality to the overall room design and decor.

2. Natural Stone Floor and Wall Tiling. If you choose attractive natural stone floor and wall tiling for your bathroom interior, you will add even more pure beauty to the room. Whether you select marble, granite or slate tiles, their natural essence will complement the vanity countertop. You may decide on dark floor tiles and lighter wall tiling in a complementary colour and shade. This will make your bath appear larger and more open.

3. Natural Wood Vanity Console and Shelving. When you add a lustrous natural wood vanity console base and matching wall-mounted shelves enhanced by elegant brass or chrome framework and hardware, your ensuite bath will gain new levels of fashion and flair.

By coordinating the wood with the woodwork in your adjoining bedroom, you will create a pleasing sense of continuity in your ensuite design. If you choose a slightly polished natural-wood finish, the true beauty of the natural timber hues will add soft, stylish highlights to your room decor.

4. Spa Bath and Rainforest Showerhead. By installing a contemporary spa bath and a spacious tiled shower with a rainforest showerhead, you and your spouse or partner can bathe and shower in the ultimate style and relaxing comfort. These elegant bathroom fixtures will add optimal elegance and allure to your overall bath design. If your shower and room wall tiling are the same or similar in design and colour to decorative tiling on your bedroom walls, your ensuite will be well coordinated, exhibiting excellent updated style.

By consulting our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you will gain valuable advice concerning ways to add elegance and style to your ensuite bathroom. Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the ideal elements of design and decor to create the fashionable bath of your dreams.

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