How Bathroom Fixtures Can Affect the Overall Look of Your Bathroom

06 June 2021

Bathroom fixtures can have a strong influence on the overall look and style of your bathroom interior. A sleek and slender contemporary sink, bathtub-shower, toilet and bidet set can save space while enlarging the room’s appearance. Conversely, a set of heavy, rounded or squared fixtures can require more space and make your bath seem smaller.

Even the tapware that you choose can have a visual effect on the overall design and appeal of your room. Bathroom sinks, tubs and showers with slim-line faucets, spigots and showerheads tend to reflect contemporary chic styling. Tapware with larger shapes, more volume and greater weight create a heavier, and older design style.

How Your Bathroom Fixtures Have a Definite Effect on the Total Room Design

The fixtures that you choose for your bathroom can affect the overall room’s decor in many ways, including the following:

  • Modern Minimalist Fixtures. By installing modern minimalist style fixtures in your home bathroom, you will simplify and open up the room’s interior space. Tall, slender vanity sinks fit neatly in alcoves or corners. If you choose a slender, wall-mounted sink, you will increase the floor space. This enables you to install stylish shelving, cabinets or a rolling cupboard beneath the sink.
  • Vintage Tub and Shower Stall. One interior design trend today involves mixing and matching different styles in vintage bath fixtures. For example, you may combine a 1930s style deep bathtub with lion’s feet and a 1950s white-enamelled metal shower stall. The boxy design of the shower aligns with the large, rather bulky tub style. By adding a ’60s basic toilet with a long, open-front seat, you can combine very different modes of decor for a surprisingly clever effect.
  • Traditional and Shabby Chic Bath Components. If you select a traditional style bathtub, shower and toilet, you might try adding a somewhat ornate shabby chic vanity console unit. The classic lines of the other two fixtures will be enhanced by the vanity’s scalloped ceramic basin, black tile countertop with white porcelain insets and light pink mirror frame and cabinetry. Although it may sound overly fussy and out-of-place, a shabby chic bath component can add antique glamour and glitz to your basic bath decor.
  • Industrial Style Bath with Stainless-Steel Fixtures. If you have a sparsely decorated industrial style bathroom, why not add shiny stainless-steel fixtures? If you prefer a matte finish, you can select more subdued fixture designs. Not only will you accentuate and strengthen the industrial theme, but you will also benefit from extra-durable, lasting fixtures.

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