How to Transform Your Large Bathroom into a Personal Home Spa

23 July 2021

With some creative ideas and planning, you can transform your large bathroom into a luxurious personal home spa. By making a couple of major changes enhanced by a few stylish, innovative touches, you can create a completely new healthy, relaxing and rejuvenating bath interior.

Ways to Transform Your Spacious Bathroom into a Charming Home Spa

You can plan a creative bathroom makeover to transform your home bath into a personal spa in the following ways:

Major Updates and Improvements

If your home bathroom needs a general update, you may want to replace current fixtures will stunning new designs. After selecting a spacious spa tub and walk-in shower design, consider these enhancements:

  • Heated Floors or Rugs. If you are retiling all or part of your bathroom floor, consider adding heating pipes under the flooring. Your designer or contractor can help you with this feature. If doable and practical for your home’s heating system, this update can add ultimate spa comfort.

If installing underfloor heating is not an option for your bathroom, luxurious rugs or layered rugs and mats are warm, inviting alternatives during the cold months.

  • Indoor Garden with Fountains. Consider adding a beautifully designed indoor garden with lush green plants and elegant flowers. This glamorous addition to the room will make your bath glow with natural warmth.

You may choose bright, vibrantly coloured flowers or blooms with more subtle hues, as you like. By installing lustrous marble or granite wall-mounted fountains, you can enhance your garden bath atmosphere even more.

  • Modern Skylights. With the addition of double or triple-glazed skylights in your bathroom ceiling, you can bask in soft beams of filtered sunlight during the day. At night, you can enjoy a leisurely spa bath under the stars beneath your open window to the sky.

Smaller Creative Touches

By including some smaller, yet significant, creative touches, you can add the finishing glamorous style and allure to your new home spa bath.

  • Gold Finishes. By replacing standard tapware and towel racks with elegant gilded ones, you can accent the luxury of your new spa bath decor. Your new console or pedestal sink, sparkling spa bath and spacious walk-in shower will be pleasingly decorated with ageless gold fashion.
  • Luxurious Linens and Heated Towel Racks. Heated towel racks are a popular feature during cold weather. Stylish, luxurious linens are also warm and welcoming. Soft, plush towels in appealing colours that complement your room decor are fashionable and functional accents.
  • Candlelight Magic. Scented candles can add a soothing, empowering ambience to your new spa bath interior. You can enjoy a lovely, relaxing spa bath and unwind from the stress of the day in the soft, luminous beauty of candlelight. Experiment with currently popular candle scents like soy-coconut or wild rose-fuchsia.

By consulting our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you can obtain valuable advice about updating your large home bathroom. Our experienced pros will guide you in selecting the ideal features and accents to transform your bath into a luxurious home spa environment.

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