Kitchen Styles: What Makes a Contemporary Kitchen Different from a Modern Kitchen?

23 February 2023

The terms “contemporary kitchen” and “modern kitchen” are sometimes used synonymously. While this is not a problem in regular conversation, chatting with architects or interior designers can cause misunderstanding. So, if you want to dig into the weeds of design jargon, modern refers solely to the early mid-20th century. This design era praised mass-produced building supplies, simple lines, and a brand-new, previously inconceivable kind of design. You may now make glass, steel and concrete in bigger sizes with previously unattainable machine-generated precision. Designers realised they could push the limits in ways that had never been attempted before. It was a significant shift from the design before the industrial revolution and continues to influence the designs we like today.

Contemporary kitchens are very ‘now’ kitchens. The contemporary design adapts to the times. It develops and changes with us, drawing inspiration from contemporary innovations and traditional aesthetics. Contemporary kitchens today experiment with texture, colour, symmetry, and asymmetry. Common features include a silhouette with simple, clean lines. Contemporary kitchens concentrate equal emphasis on form and function, with ergonomics, more storage, and ease of mobility at the top of the priority list. The following characteristics currently define a contemporary kitchen today:


Your kitchen’s design will mostly depend on the amount of space you have. You can create contemporary kitchens to fit any type of space. Typical kitchen designs are L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, or galley-style (two benches or bank cabinets in parallel). You can seek advice from professional kitchen renovators on the best layout to select to maximise storage and accessibility.

Clean Lines

Clean lines keep the kitchen’s view uncluttered and add to the overall feeling of order and harmony. You can add serving pieces and vases to add colour or to nod to a fad but aesthetically acceptable design trend. The symmetry of door heights and banks of cabinets or drawers produces the appearance of clean lines. Simple door profiles, such as flat laminate doors or doors with V grooves for painted finishes.


Contemporary kitchens offer a wide variety of colour possibilities. Unlike other styles, such as minimalist kitchens, which frequently use just one colour instead of two or three.

Handle Options

Simple profile handles or recessed lip pulls also help to create an uncluttered appearance. Consider a J groove door with an incorporated “handle” or grip area to open if handles aren’t your thing. Drawers and doors that push open make for the least amount of obstruction. A magnetic catch that is spring-loaded is used in manual settings. For those who have arthritis and other illnesses, an electric solution is a perfect option that just requires the slightest touch.

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