Laundry Room and How It Has Now Become a Feature in the Home

10 July 2017

Years ago, homeowners washed their dishes, clothes, prepared meals, ate meals and relaxed all in the same room of the house, namely the kitchen. The houses were simple back then with fewer rooms. As houses transformed into the multi-room structures of today, rooms were allotted for specific uses. This is when the laundry room first came into existence. Today, this room is a highly influential room in the overall value of a house.

Provides Organisation to the Task of Washing Clothes

A laundry room helps you organise and store your pre-treatment, clothes detergent and ironing supplies for easy access and to prevent clutter in other parts of the home. Also, you can wash, dry, fold and iron your clothing items all in one location, which saves you a great deal of time.

Houses the Washer and Dryer

A room specifically for laundry tasks also houses your washer and dryer, both of which can take up substantial space depending upon their models. By installing these appliances in their own room, you conserve space in other rooms for other living functions and activities. In addition, these appliances require special electrical outlets and the washer needs a plumbing hookup on top of this.

Keeps Dirty Clothes Out of Sight of Guests

Another advantage for laundry rooms is the fact that you can keep dirty clothes out of the view of guests who visit or stay with you. Dirty clothes can accumulate quickly and are an eyesore.

Makes Laundry Less of a Chore

The convenience of a laundry room makes washing, drying, folding and ironing clothes less of a chore since you can streamline all of these processes in one location in the house. You will not dread these tasks or procrastinate about performing them as a result.

Features Vary in Today’s Laundry Rooms

Homeowners install various features in their laundry rooms today from hanging racks and clothes storage to work islands. Not all houses will accommodate large laundry areas, though, and an alternative is to hide the washer and dryer in a closet with doors. You can adjust the area according to the space you have in your house. Design your laundry room to suit your space and unique needs.

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