Lighting Design Ideas for New Kitchens

09 April 2021

When planning lighting for your new kitchen, focus on balancing pleasing creative design and kitchen task functionality. A beautiful, inviting food prepping and cooking interior is every home chef’s dream. Yet good lighting in chopping, slicing and serving areas are also a must. 

Direct lighting for your benchtop, island and stovetop are essential. However, softer, indirect illumination is more desirable for your kitchen bar area. Contemporary kitchen interiors often feature varied styles and heights of lighting fixtures to accommodate all of the room’s many activities.

 Updated Lighting Designs for Today’s New Kitchen Interiors 

 Current ideas and trends for new kitchen lighting designs include the following:

1. Creative Pendant Lights. Pendant lights are still the popular choice for overhead kitchen lighting, yet this year’s styles are more decorative. Pendants with statement lighting designs are in vogue this season, featuring everything from ornate chandelier styles to sleek industrial downlights. 

Especially with the trend toward the open-plan kitchen and living spaces, a wider variety of lighting modes helps merge different areas. If your kitchen island countertop is lit by a series of smoked glass globe pendants, smaller matching lights can be charming for your breakfast nook.

2. Below-Cabinet Illumination. In modern home life today, the kitchen is a frequent gathering place for your entire household. It may also be a hub of activity when you entertain, as you, your family, friends and neighbours cook, party and enjoy lively conversation in the same space. 

By installing integrated cabinet lights underneath your wall cabinetry, your benchtop and cooking areas can be well-lit. If you use motion control lighting designs, you can avoid the need for extra wiring, wall switches or remote controls. These lights are either recessed or flat, requiring no extra space under your cabinets. 

3. Energy-Efficient LEDs. Many contemporary kitchen designs feature LEDs for quality lighting that is energy-efficient and cost-effective. The low heat emission rate of these lights is also an attractive feature. Many interior designers suggest using LEDs for fashionable floor uplighting. 

LEDs never flicker or fade and turn on to full brightness immediately. They need very little maintenance, and their small size makes them easier to install and less obvious than fluorescent lights. Since they do not need frequent replacing, LEDs are an excellent choice for lights in high ceilings that are difficult to access. 

4. Stylish Sconce Lighting. When you place attractive sconce lights on your kitchen walls, you can align your open-plan kitchen decor with the design of adjoining living spaces. Whether you choose elaborate crystal sconce styles or contemporary casual-chic designs in sleek enamel-painted metal, these fashion statement lights will brighten and enliven your kitchen interior. 

If you like, you can select a series of sconces in bright, attractive Art Deco designs to energise a dark kitchen without large windows. These lights are like unique works of art to enjoy while preparing your favourite meals and snacks. 

By consulting our expert renovating and interior design team at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors in Cronulla NSW, you can obtain professional kitchen lighting design advice and installation services. Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal lighting solutions for your stunning new kitchen interior.

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