Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger with These Kitchen Renovation Tips

01 December 2022

For many homeowners, a large kitchen with plenty of storage space and large benches for food preparation is a must-have. But sometimes, having the largest kitchen on the block is simply not doable. Because of this, it’s crucial to make the most of your space. You can design a beautiful, functional kitchen space that appears much larger than it actually is using these straightforward tips from Creative Bathrooms and Interiors without going over budget.

Reconsider the Layout

Is it possible to relocate windows and doors or take down interior walls to make a room feel more open? A skilled builder from Creative Bathrooms and Interiors can assist you in realising your goals if this is something you’d like to do. There is nothing better than demolishing a wall to make extra room!

Be Creative with Your Storage

If you’re willing to look outside the box, there are several options for storage in small kitchens. Consider adding cup hooks to the underside of cabinets or shelves that extend all the way to the ceiling. If your kitchen cabinet has a tight blind corner, a magic corner unit is an ideal answer. Discuss innovative storage options with your builder for your kitchen area.

Keep It White

White is a common colour for kitchens because it gives the impression that a small kitchen is bigger. Choose other light colours, but not too many, if you don’t like white. A room looks larger when only one colour is used, but a room with too many colours appears crowded and hectic.

Consider Shiny Surfaces

Mirrors are excellent for this purpose since they reflect light, which is a clever way to make a room feel bigger. Consider installing a mirror splashback in your kitchen or using other reflective materials like stainless steel equipment, glass tiles, or polished floors. It’s a perfect alternative to make your room appear a little bit bigger.

Consider Using Patterns 

The eye is drawn in specific directions by geometric patterns, which are wonderful. For instance, flooring with a geometric design that goes parallel to your kitchen’s length can give the impression that it is longer. Or you can make the space appear longer and wider by arranging the tiles diagonally or in a herringbone pattern. It’s all about the illusion. Once you can use the geometric patterns the right way, you’ll be surprised with the result.

Maintain a Clutter Free Space

The best-looking small kitchens are those that are organised and maintained tidy at all times. Don’t overstuff your bench with accessories and gadgets. If you have glass cabinetry, make sure to keep the contents as sparse as possible to prevent an unkempt appearance.

Don’t Stop Yourself from the Lighting

The presence of lots of light gives the impression of a bigger room. Ensure there is plenty of task lighting and the ambient lighting is bright. Your kitchen will have a tonne of natural light after installing a skylight. Lights can not only give you a feel of a bigger space, but it also helps elevate the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

We at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors are well-versed in all the techniques to help a small kitchen look bigger. For a consultation and obligation-free quote, contact us today!

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