Perfect Laundry Renovation Tips from Creative Bathroom & Interiors

06 February 2023

Do you plan to add laundry renovation to your bathroom and kitchen renovation plans? If yes, then you are in the right place. To help you create a laundry you’ll want to spend time in, we asked our professional renovators for their top laundry renovation suggestions. Let’s get started!

What Does Laundry Renovation Entail?

By their very nature, laundry rooms are among the busiest rooms in a home. But that doesn’t imply they have to be a simple or uninteresting space. In the past, laundry rooms were viewed as an afterthought in the design process, partly because few durable materials were also attractive and reasonably priced. Today, a laundry renovation can be just as thrilling as a kitchen or bathroom renovation because of the abundance of beautiful materials and clever solutions available. A modern laundry that matches your new bathroom or kitchen has become a must-have item for homeowners as attractive and serene laundries have become the standard.

How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Laundry?

Consider which area will suit your lifestyle the best if you have the luxury of space. For instance, placing your laundry room close to the bathroom might make your laundry tasks more efficient and useful. To minimise noise issues, some people prefer to have their laundry positioned away from living spaces or bedrooms. Additionally, consider having easy access to the outdoors for hanging laundry effectively in the open air.

How to Create a Great Layout for Your Laundry Room?

Ensure simplicity. Since laundry rooms are often tiny, packing them too tightly may make them uncomfortable. Because of this, it’s crucial to utilise every square inch of space wisely for storage and functionality. Making the appropriate choices early on in your laundry renovation is vital since your cabinets will determine how you utilise your laundry.  Below are some tips on how to create a great layout for your laundry room:

  • Make the most of your bench space by adding enough room for work. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably without banging your elbows against walls and doors. It’s ideal for small laundries to have enough bench space because it can open up the room.
  • Consider adding tall storage for brooms, ironing boards, vacuums, and other items. You could even incorporate a power outlet for rechargeable vacuums. Consider getting two tall cabinets and using one for your linens and towels, depending on the other cabinets in the home.
  • Make sure you have enough room above your sink because nobody wants to bump their head on a cupboard! Cleaners, pesticides, or pharmaceutical items you want to keep out of children’s hands can be kept in tall overhead cabinets.
  • Open shelving in a different colour can give the room a stylish touch. Make your space feel cosier by adding some décor or greenery.

Adding a laundry room is an excellent way to boost the value of your home. Your property may be more valued and less stressful if it has a functional laundry area. Are you ready to include laundry in your home renovation plans? You may build a lovely and practical design with our skilled renovators at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors, which will make your laundry tasks a breeze.

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