Pre-Sale Home Makeover Ideas that Will Add Value to Your Property

08 July 2021

If you are putting your home on the market for sale, you want to offer it at the highest reasonable price possible. You are most likely interested in interior updating ideas that will increase your property value. Some home makeover ideas are cosmetic and will not add significant value to your home. Yet other major updates can boost the market value of your house and surrounding grounds considerably.

Pre-Sale Home Makeover Projects that Will Increase Your Property Value

Home makeover projects that can increase your property value significantly before your home is placed on the market include the following:

  • Marble Bathroom Flooring. When you add beautiful new marble floor tiling to your bathroom decor, your home value will increase. Home buyers are attracted by natural stone floors and marble or granite are the current favourites. Not only will these new floors wear well and require little maintenance, but they also add fashion and flair. Your entire bathroom decor will be greatly enhanced.
  • Spa Bath or Jacuzzi. By installing a stylish spa bath or Jacuzzi, you can raise the value of your home property considerably. These elegant creature comforts are in high demand among home buyers today. With the rapid, non-stop pace of contemporary lifestyles, everyone is seeking soothing ways to relax and alleviate stress.
  • Bath or Kitchen Skylight. If you install a stunning new kitchen or bathroom skylight, you will attract more interested buyers for your home. These healthy and beautiful windows to the sky will fill your room with glowing natural light and refreshing outdoor air. Home buyers will appreciate the health benefits and cost-savings on power bills that these skylights provide. They will also be willing to pay more for a home that offers these stylish and valuable amenities.
  • Marble or Granite Kitchen Countertops. Luxurious marble or granite kitchen benchtops and island countertops are always attractive to home buyers. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer long-lasting elegance and use. Home seekers will pay more for design elements that provide long-term use and save money over time.
  • Expanded Utility Room. If your home currently has a small, crowded utility room, consider updating it. By opening up the wall between this space and the adjoining closet or storage room, you can create a larger, more functional utility area. Since this is often one of the busiest rooms in contemporary homes, you can attract more buyers via this makeover. The renovation will also add value to your home.

By contacting our specialists at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you can receive top-rated advice, designs and installation services for your pre-sale home makeover project. Our experts will ensure that the updates that you choose to make will attract greater numbers of interested buyers while increasing the market value of your home.

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