Renovating to Sell

15 June 2018


When it comes to selling a house there are certain spaces where spending big renovation dollars can really add value and the family bathroom is definitely one. 

 There’s no doubt a good bathroom can help sell a house and a great one can add thousands to the price – so if your agent says yours needs some “work” to get the asking price you’re looking for, then our experts Carmel and John Vicchi at Creative Bathrooms & Interiors  have some golden rules to follow:


A renovated bathroom will only add a finite amount to the final price no matter how much you spend; so if you want to walk away with a profit you must set your budget and stick to it.

Being clever where you spend your money is how you’ll maximise your return on investment  (which could  mean up to a 66% return with a smart renovation). 

Using John and Carmel’s long experience will  help you put that money in the right place and get your  budget spot on to achieve the best result (remember  we’re doing it so you have the money to put the bathroom of your dreams in your next home).


The latest trends are fun but to maximise appeal stick to the tried and trusted – save the fun for when you’re renovating to stay.  Now is not the time to live out that “Romanesque ” dream  and   “Hamptonsy/ French Provincial statement features” can wait.

But  classic and neutral doesn’t have to mean boring – Visit our  gallery to see  some of our favourite elegant and timeless  tiles and fittings that can work really well when renovating to sell. 


Who  is the market for your home? 

For instance, if you’re downsizing  that young family contemplating buying your home may well be wanting different things to you – that elliptical, deep-sided, free standing bath you dream of may have the ‘wow factor’ but is it the right choice when it’s not as practical to lean over to bath toddlers – maybe a longer one so your buyer can fit all their kids in might be the go?! ( Remember sacrificing it now can mean making the profit you need for us to install it in your ultimate bathroom  where you will be the one luxuriating in it)

A clever compromise! This solution of a “back to wall” bath is long enough to work practically for a family while still having that “freestanding” look


Everyone  wants a shower and a bath, a smart vanity and lots of practical storage.  That’s a lot to fit in – especially if you have a small space, so keeping it practical is key.  Freestanding baths need larger spaces (you have to be able to get behind them to clean and there’s an Australian 100mm standard for distance from the wall) so an inset bath may be the go – but before you get too disappointed there are some stunning and inventive compromises to be had. 

Gorgeous tile work makes this inset bath a standout luxury feature.

And if your heart is set on the “freestanding” look there are “back to wall” freestanding tubs  that may be worth the investment like the family tub shown above.


Thinking about a twin rain shower instead of a bath? –  Carmel’s advice is “I would only ever delete a bath if you are not a “bath person” and this is your forever home”   Again save the twin rain shower for renovating to stay. 

Having said that – If you can it’s always best to go with a separate shower stall if you can and with clever design this can be achieved in some very tight spaces


Niches add style to showers and black tapware with a double shower is appealing to younger clientele


Luxury sells-  there’s no doubt about it.  But stick to luxury that won’t over capitalise

Here’s a list of Carmel and John’s best tricks for adding luxury touches and ‘wow factors’ for renovating to sell: 

 Beautiful  Tapware;  a double vanity if space allows; a stone benchtop ; warm Timber elements in the vanity; an amazing mirror; a double shower with a clever shower niche and a frameless screen. All of these on their own or combined give you that luxury look and bring in a good return on investment.

Neutral being beautiful! A perfect example of Creative Bathrooms & Interiors hitting plenty of the “renovating to sell rules. An attractive, reasonably big, neutral tile taken floor to ceiling; an amazing vanity with that luxurious timber warmth plus stone benchtop and topped with an oversized mirrored shaving cabinet. Practical luxury!

For expert advice  in creating  the perfect bathroom to sell your home contact Carmel and John at Creative Bathrooms  & Interiors  and they can guide you through the whole experience.

Author- Tessa Hosking

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