Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas

15 June 2017

While bathrooms serve as utilitarian areas for you to groom in or take care of other personal needs in, they do not need to look unappealing and cold. With the right decor, you can transform this room into an oasis to luxuriate in daily. Just think about a spa experience when you design this room for your home to achieve this goal. We provide you with the following spa-inspired bathroom design ideas to start your creative process.

1. Install a Freestanding Bathtub as a Focal Point

With the freestanding tub as the centre of attention in your bathroom, the room is definitely reminiscent of an expensive spa either in your hometown or off in an exotic or resort location. A tub such as this requires no enclosure since it sits on the floor independently. Certain styles have legs while others sit on their bottoms without assistance.

2. Jetted Bathtubs Massage Aches and Pains Away

Jetted tubs come in a variety of models if you prefer these to the freestanding ones for your spa-like bathroom. You can place them in the centre, corner or other section of the room inside enclosures. Soak away aches and pain, and relax in the ultimate fashion in this type of tub.

3. A Shower Stall with Special Features Also Creates a Spa Experience

Today, shower stalls come with wide shower heads, seating, safety railings or even jets depending upon the design of them. If there is sufficient space in the bathroom, you may desire both a shower and a tub as your focal points. However, when your space is limited, the current shower models that are available at present will enhance the room with an oasis feel and look all on their own.

4. Turn to Neutral Colours for the Decor

Neutral or soft shades for the bathroom decor are ideal for an oasis ambiance. Beige, cream, pale green and taupe are just four examples of these colours.

5. Stone Tiling for Floors and Walls Enhance the Bathroom

Tiles of stone on the walls, floors and even in the shower stalls enhance this room in the proper fashion for a spa-inspired design. Also, install a stone benchtop in a complementary stone to complete the effect.

6. Wooden Elements Enrich the Bathroom in a Spa-Like Fashion

Other features that add an organic touch to your bathroom are wooden elements, such as trim, cabinetry, shelving and even benchtops. The grain in timber enhances the bathroom in the way only wood can, and it varies depending upon the species of timber that you select for your project.

For further spa-inspired bathroom design ideas, consult with Creative Bathrooms & Interiors. We specialise layout and designs along with colour coordination for renovations on bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. Our company delivers attractive, innovative, quality and functional results.

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