Spring Season Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas

29 September 2021

Fresh and innovative spring design trends for bathroom interiors include a pleasing combination of organic material and sleek contemporary layouts. The goal is to create a clean-cut yet elegant and stylish look for the new season. Appealing items of decor that mix lustrous natural wood and smooth glass are springtime favourites. Natural marble is also regaining strong popularity for countertops as well as wall and floor tiling in bath interiors.

Bright and colourful or sedate and neutral-toned ceramic tiles are also being featured alongside glass, and stylish metal tapware is still in demand, with gold and copper finishes often leading in popularity. Both satin and matte finishes in metal accessories are being featured for spring.

Another strong trend in springtime fashions for bathroom design is mixing and matching different modes of decor. Antique brushed gold hardware in a streamlined industrial room design combines two very different styles with surprisingly attractive and popular results.

More Creative Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends for the Spring Season

Additional creative and appealing bathroom design ideas and trends for springtime include the following:

• Major Styles. Industrial design styles for bathrooms are currently growing in popularity. Smooth sleek cement slab or tile floors and walls are common for the spring season. Especially on bath walls, a polished finish brightens the room with non-glaring reflected light.

When pairing beautifully grained woods, natural weave floor mats and thickly textured towels and bath mats, a sense of luxury softens the hard industrial surfaces. By adding a vanity console sink with slender, elegant cabinets and a handsome black or grey and white marble countertop, your industrial bath will assume an atmosphere of contemporary chic style.

• Colour Trends. Hues and tones for bathroom design and decor will soften and lighten up somewhat for the spring season. Although black, charcoal, navy and dark brown are still evident from the major winter colour schemes, medium to pastel shades in green, blue, cocoa and rose are highlighting interior trends for the warmer months.

Matte surfaces are also being used frequently in bath decor, lending warmth and dimension to room interiors. Of course, grey, white and beige are not likely to lose popularity for bathroom colours, and even in baths decorated in the new season’s hues ad shades, white, grey or beige accessories are often added for a crisp, fresh look.

• Simple Lines and Lighting. Linear designs and simple geometrical shapes are currently in style for springtime bath decor. Streamlined square and rectangular mirrors in slender stainless-steel frames that match simple shelving supports and cabinet hardware are also popular along with gold and copper finishes.

Visual images of simplicity and stylish comfort prevail as primary design elements for the new season. Clutter is definitely gone for spring bathroom interiors, and streamlined spa baths and hydro massage showers are in demand. With fewer large windows in many contemporary baths, adjustable-height pendant lights with dimming features are in vogue.

By consulting our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice for your spring season bathroom update. Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the ideal new spring design trends, colours, textures and materials to create a highly attractive, fashionable and functional bath interior. Our professionals will ensure that your new bathroom design and decor completely satisfy and even surpass your every desire, preference and need for your dream bath interior.

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