Things You Need to Know About Bohemian Interior Design

26 April 2022

Bohemian (boho) style can be seen today in clothing, home and commercial decor, and in colour and texture choices for everything from upholstery fabric to luggage. Many people associate the boho style with the free-thinking lifestyle and works of creative artists, musicians and writers of the 1950s. Yet bohemian lifestyles, concepts and works of art actually had their beginnings in the early 19th century in France.

At that time, the artistic set moved to the Romani district in Paris where rents were low. Their main objective was to stay as far away from the bourgeois way of life as possible. Here, any ideas of obtaining wealth were abandoned for the sake of creating art and leading a free, unstructured vagabond lifestyle. Little did these bohemians know that they would produce a free, somewhat unruly, colourful and rough-edged style that would prevail for many years to come.

Main Elements and Features of Bohemian Interior Design

Today, as in the past, the essence of the bohemian style is based on free, creative sensibilities and the mixing of diverse people and cultures. Essential elements, features and aspects of bohemian interior design include the following:

• Dynamic Colours, Textures and Patterns. Natural colour tones are the key to the bohopallet in art and interior design. Rich browns, bright greens, glittery jewel tones and metallic shades are dominant elements. Bohemian textiles are often heavily textured with bold, bright patterns. Bright rugs may be hung on walls as tapestries, and thickly textured fabrics may be used as rugs.

• Worn Textiles. Bohemian textiles typically appear worn and somewhat rough. Fringe, macramé, crochet work and burlap all are frequently used in boho interiors. The diversity and freedom of the bohemian style allow for the use of smooth silk and chenille alongside these rougher, heavily textured textiles.

• Vintage Furniture. Most bohemian furniture is cushioned and comfortable or made of worn or repurposed wood. Plush or overstuffed sofas and easy chairs may be paired with hanging wicker or natural-finish wooden swinging seats. Handcrafted wooden benches are plentiful, and vintage items are mixed with modern ones. Most important is the laissez-faire concept and practice, creating a forever casual, easy-living atmosphere.

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