Tile Design Inspirations for Small Bathrooms

12 May 2021

One of the most effective elements of decor for enlarging the appearance of a small bathroom is the tile design. Both wall and floor tiling can have a great influence in visually extending the dimensions of the room. Tiling colour, texture, shape, pattern, size and placement all affect how large your small-size bath interior can seem to be.

Ideas and Inspirations for Tile Designs in Small Bathrooms

The following innovative and inspiring ideas for tile designs can make your small bathroom seem significantly larger:

1. Use Large Tiles. By selecting large square or rectangular tiling for your bath, you can visually extend walls and floor space. Many homeowners think that a small room interior can only be decorated with small size tiles. Yet by choosing large square floor tiles and long rectangular tiling for walls, you can make your bath look and feel surprisingly larger than its dimensions.

2. Try a Diagonal Tile Pattern.
By applying your bath wall tiling in a diagonal pattern, you can give even simple subway tiles an artistic appeal. At the same time, you will enlarge the appearance of the room’s walls, making this interior space seem considerably bigger and more open.

3. Design a Mosaic Tile Wall. By creating an attractive mosaic wall of small hexagonal tiles, you can make your bathroom ceiling appear higher. The neat repetitive pattern of the tiling draws the viewer’s gaze upward, visually extending the wall’s height. Whether you use multi-coloured tiles with bright, outstanding patterns or neutral-toned designs, they will have a similar spatial effect.

Even by using this technique on one strip or section of a wall, you can achieve significant success with increasing the visual height of the room. Taller ceilings, whether real or perceived, always give an interior space a general feeling of spaciousness.

4. Use Identical Room and Shower Floor Tiles. When you use the same tiles for the room and shower floors, you can create a pleasing sense of continuity. You will also give your bathroom a more spacious and open look and atmosphere.

This type of seamless styling that does not divide the room into areas lends a feeling of calm, sophisticated luxury to the interior as well. Whether you select light or dark tiles will depend on the other major elements in your bathroom decor.

5. Try Glossy Wall Tiling That Reflects Light. By installing glossy finish tiles on one or more of your bathroom walls, you can enjoy reflected light for a brighter interior. Especially when these smooth tiles with shiny surfaces line a wall facing a window that admits good natural light, the effect can be stunning.

This will also reduce the need for interior lighting during daytime hours. Try using white, neutral or pastel tile colours for a warm, uplifting effect.

By contacting our experts at Creative Bathrooms & Interiors in Cronulla, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice concerning inspiring tile design ideas for your home bathroom. Our experienced team will assist you in selecting fashionable and practical wall and floor tiles that will visually enlarge your bath while enhancing the overall room decor.

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