Top Bathroom Design Trends for The Year 2022

25 January 2022

Popular trends for 2022 home updates will include innovative upgrades in bathroom style and design. Fashionable yet highly functional improvements will be seen in sturdy, longer-lasting bath fixtures and tapware. Simple, refreshing accents will also be featured for a calm, uncluttered look and room atmosphere.

With large numbers of adults working virtually from home and children learning in online classrooms, families spent more time at home in 2021. As a result, all of the members of a household became acutely aware of older bath decor and tiresome room colour schemes. The desire for performing bathroom updates for 2022 became common.

Leading Style and Design Trends for Bathrooms in 2022

Top bathroom style and design trends for the year 2022 include the following refreshing innovations:

• Organic Style Trends.A pleasing organic style that focuses on natural materials and green plants or flowers, as well as earthy, warm colour tones, is high in popularity. Organic influences were evident in bath design and decor for 2020, and this trend has continued to gain strong growth ever since then.

Bathroom skylights are in high demand today for stunning ceiling windows that admit pure natural air and light into the room. Although monochromatic colour schemes are predicted to be outstanding in bath interiors this year, natural greens and blues will also be quite popular. Harmonious colour schemes rather than bold contrasting hues will be in frequent use for updating bathroom interiors.

• Contemporary Sinks with Touchless Faucets. Sink designs for 2022 are streamlined and chic, yet spacious. A wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials is available to align with every preference and need. You can select an oval-shaped, sleek white porcelain sink or a slender-lined model in handsome grey and white marble with a matching vanity countertop.

Stainless steel sinks are also still in vogue, especially in minimalist-style bathrooms. Touchless faucets are in high demand to promote good hygiene and maintain good health. These faucets, whether composed of chrome, brass, wrought iron or stainless steel, are also easy and convenient to use for all members of your household, including small children and elderly adults.

• Integrated Technology and Updated Ventilation. Along with touchless faucets, smart toilets are constantly increasing in popularity for home bathroom upgrades. Additional technology is being used in bathroom design for 2022 to ensure total efficiency, comfort and convenience for users.

Wall-mounted digital interfaces and sophisticated tech shower controls are popular. Heated bathroom floors and myriad mobile apps are also in high demand. Ventilation updates include sensitive automatic exhaust fans that detect the slightest presence of steam and humidity in your bath interior. Auto-controlled adjustable mirrors, lights and scales are also frequently requested for bathroom accessories.

By consulting our experts at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors located in Cronulla, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice concerning the leading 2022 bathroom style and design trends. Our experienced professional team will guide you in selecting the ideal fashionable and practical upgrades for your new bath design and decor. They will ensure that your new bathroom interior will greatly enhance your daily home lifestyle for the new year.

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