Why Do You Need Wooden Elements in Your Bathroom?

26 June 2017

Today, bathrooms contain numerous features to assist with your daily grooming, bathing and private matters. While many of these features are smooth and possibly shiny in appearance, there are ways to add dimension and warmth to this room. Wooden elements may not readily come to your mind for this type of enhancement when you are thinking of renovating or constructing a bathroom for your home, but we are here to explain why you need to consider them to enrich this room. Below, we offer further facts about how wood elements increase the attractiveness of bathrooms.

Wood Offers Unique Grain Patterns to the Bathroom

The intricate grain patterns in timber add a woodsy feel and look to a bathroom, regardless of the other features in the room. Since water also is a natural element it is fitting to add wooden elements, such as cabinets, shelves, trim, benchtops and even a bathtub, to the bathroom. Yes, you read that right, you can find bathtubs of timber today that are quite unique if you so desire one.

Wooden Elements Add Warmth and an Earthiness

With all the ceramic, fibreglass and tile that a bathroom can contain, it can tend to appear hard and cold if you are not careful with your decor. Wooden elements instantly add warmth and a special earthiness to the room to soften the hard and cold elements, thus, they provide balance to the room.

Enrich the Room with Various Wood Tones

When you just stain wood rather and painting it, you receive the benefits of various wood tones from ash to cherry even if you just start with pine. Australia has many unique hardwoods throughout the country, such as Tasmanian Oak, that are ideal for use in the bathroom, though, so you never need to settle for the traditional timber options for your bathroom.

Create an Oasis Instead of a Bathroom

Another reason to add wooden elements to your bathroom is that they help you create an oasis to escape to daily to relieve the day’s stress. You can make believe that you are bathing in a mountain stream with the various timber features that you install and a bit of soft lighting. Just think of how relaxed you will be after a pleasant soak in a tub in a room such as this.

For further reasons why you should install wooden elements in your bathroom, contact Creative Bathrooms & Interiors. We specialise in creating durable, attractive and functional bathrooms.

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