How to Choose the Right Type of Showerhead for Your New Bathroom

10 April 2022

If you are in the process of deciding on the interior design and decor of your new bathroom, one element of major importance is the showerhead. The many varied shower head types and styles that are currently available offer a […]

How Lighting Can Affect Your Home’s Overall Interior Design

29 March 2022

When you are redesigning your home’s interiors with refreshing new decor, it is sometimes easy to overlook the importance of quality lighting. While focusing on the ideal furniture and accessories for each room, you may forget just how much excellent […]

Creative Ideas for Your Home Interior Design with the New “Very Peri” Pantone Colour

08 March 2022

As the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year, “Very Peri” is all the rage in interior design for this season. According to Pantone’s advanced tracking methods and trends, this favourite hue of the year is expected to have a strong […]

Four Key Considerations When Adding an Attic or Top-Floor Bathroom to Your Home

24 February 2022

If you are adding a bedroom on the attic floor of your home, you may also be considering including an adjoining bathroom. Including a new bathroom in your attic makeover plans will increase the market value of your home. It […]

How Your Bathroom Design Can Contribute to Your Overall Wellness

09 February 2022

Your bathroom design can contribute to and enhance your wellness in many different ways. The ideal interior bath designs for wellness can help improve both your physical and mental health along with your daily well-being. The right lighting, colours, materials […]

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