Renovating to Sell

PART 1 – RENOVATING TO SELL When it comes to selling a house there are certain spaces where spending big renovation dollars can really add value and the family bathroom is definitely one.   There’s no doubt a good bathroom can help sell a house and a great one can add thousands to the price – […]

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products for Your Home

Thanks to the current-day national and global interest in environmentally safe home cleaning agents, there is now an abundance of pure, healthy products on the consumer market. These green cleaning products are completely non-toxic, made of all-natural ingredients that clean thoroughly with no need of harsh, artificial components. The wide variety of green cleaners now […]

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Even the most well-designed, modern kitchens often need extra storage space. Because we live in an age abundant with myriad electronic devices that peel, dice, slice, chop, mix, bake, steam, roast and nuke, home chefs are constantly in need of additional kitchen cabinets, shelves and cupboards for storing these updated culinary conveniences. At one time, […]

Floor Tiling – What’s New?

Floor tiling is always a major element of designing or refurbishing your bathroom interior. In general, homeowners want a chic, stylish and attractive, but cost-effective and durable tile to include in their new bath decor. As well as coordinating with and complementing the bathroom fixtures and other selected design features of the room, the floor […]

The Latest Bathroom Products on the Market

Bathrooms are such important rooms in a house, there constantly are innovative, new products introduced to the consumers for inclusion in these rooms. These products range from tapware to toilets along with lighting and heating options. Before you plan your next bathroom project, you should learn about the latest bathroom products on the market at […]

Bathroom Disasters

One of the hot topics this week has been Hannah and Clint’s unfinished bathroom on Channel Nine’s “The Block”. After spending $61000.00 on the bathroom, what should have been probably the best bathroom revealed this week has unfortunately turned out the worst and not to mention the whole job has to be pulled out and […]