Guide on Choosing Bathroom Fixtures for Your Bathroom Renovation

28 April 2023

The second most expensive home renovation project after the kitchen is renovating a bathroom. Considering everything needed, including the plumbing, tiling, taps, bathrooms, and basins, it is simple to understand how the prices might quickly pile. It’s crucial to plan and budget appropriately for a bathroom renovation because there are many different components. You must also work with a reliable bathroom renovation specialist to achieve the best result.

Here is a quick guide on choosing bathroom fixtures to help you create a stylish and functional space, no matter your budget, from arranging the layout and utilities to optimising storage.


There are a few basics that you can take into consideration, but toilet prices vary substantially based on the quality and appearance you want. A low-cost toilet known as a basic link suite has a cistern on the wall separated from the pan by a PVC tube. A close-coupled suite is ideal if you’re looking for anything in the middle of the spectrum. It has a cleaner appearance because the cistern sits directly on top of the pan. For a sleek, hassle-free finish, a wall-faced suite is flush against the bathroom wall and conceals water connections. A concealed or in-wall toilet, where the cistern is constructed into the wall cavities so that only the buttons are visible, is the best choice if you want a high-end appearance. It is also possible to have it float off the ground.


You want to take full advantage of a relaxing soak when you have time. Before you purchase a bathtub, be sure to visit a showroom to test it out. An inset bath has a more classic appearance and is placed into a tiled hob. Several inset bathtubs are moulded in sleek, contemporary designs for a more upscale appearance. Choose a freestanding bathtub if you have the space. They are available in many different designs and materials, such as stone, metal, acrylic or resin.


There are four basic basin designs on the market:

  • Wall-hung basins – These basins are hung from the wall and are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Normally, there is no storage available underneath this basin.
  • Semi-recessed basins – For the bowl to sit forwards, semi-recessed basins are partially recessed into the vanity. They are frequently used to create additional room in small floor plans.
  • Above-counter basins – Above-counter basins are located above the vanity top. Depending on the desired style, some sit high, and others have a slim profile.
  • Undermount basins – Undermount basins are located beneath the benchtop. This gives off a clean, contemporary appearance that’s perfect for bathrooms, but remember that your tapware must be bench- or wall-mounted.


Bathroom taps are the ensemble’s jewels and can make or break a bathroom design. Conventional faucets come in a set with a hot, a cold, and a spout. We recommend using mixer taps since they have a contemporary appearance. When renovating, we advise investing in high-quality products, especially for wall-mounted mixer taps, since changing them may require removing tiles, which can be expensive.

If you’re ready to start renovating your bathroom, contact Creative Bathrooms. We specialise in laundry, kitchen, and bathroom renovations. We can also help you find ways to maximise natural light in your bathroom or any other things you may need to complete your bathroom goals.

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