How to Choose the Ideal Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovation?

27 March 2023

While a gorgeous new bathroom is a sight to behold, there are many choices to be made before you can unwind in luxury. Here are a few simple ideas to help you choose the ideal tiles for your project if you’re planning to renovate your bathroom. Choosing the ideal tiles is one of the key decisions you’ll need to make for the project.

Choosing the Right Tile Size for Your Bathroom Renovation

The greater the space, the larger the tiles. This is the basic rule of thumb for choosing the appropriate size tiles for your bathroom renovation. However, this isn’t always the case, as it all relies on how your bathroom is set up. Large tiles can appear cluttered and out of scale if you make too many cuts to fit around windows, vanities, tubs, and shower cubicles. Instead of the size of the tiles, the proportions between them usually give your bathroom a well-designed appearance.

Choosing the Right Style of Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom’s setting can be greatly influenced by the type of tiles you choose because they essentially set the tone for the area. You should not combine a historic property with an ultra-modern bathroom. Therefore, your first step is to decide on your home’s style, feel, or mood. Of course, you can use modern fixtures, but the overall style, in this case, should be federation chic rather than contemporary modern.

Patterned Tiles

You can choose between ceramic and porcelain tiles if you like the idea of patterned tiles. Despite being stronger and more resilient than ceramic tiles, the latter tiles are also more expensive. But there are countless patterns available for both kinds of tiles. Another popular option is terrazzo, made of cement mixed with natural stone chips. However, terrazzo floors require sealing and upkeep to maintain their finest appearance. Then there is composite stone, which resembles terrazzo but is more scratch-resistant than terrazzo because it contains resins or polymers.

Mosaic and 3D Tiles

Other popular options are mosaic or 3D tiles, although due to their high cost, mosaics are typically used as accents, while in recent years, 3D tiles have been utilised to cover an entire wall. Small mosaic tiles come in various shapes, including fans, ovals, herringbone, and hexagons, and can be made of glass, stone, ceramic, or porcelain. Together with 3D tiles, they are excellent for giving your walls texture and unquestionably bring impact to your bathroom.

Natural Stone Tiles 

Then there are natural stones that can be polished, sharpened, or left in their natural state for a matt appearance. Homeowners are drawn to these stone tiles because of their natural feel and appearance, which gives your bathroom a classic sense. However, like Terrazzo, natural stone also needs to be sealed and maintained.

Overall, choosing the ideal tiles for your bathroom renovation will still boil down to your preference. You need to identify what type of vibes or feels you want to achieve for your upcoming renovation to help you choose the right type of tiles for your bathroom. But, if you find it challenging, do not hesitate to ask for help from our bathroom renovation specialist at Creative Bathrooms and Interiors. We can help you achieve a luxurious feel or create a focal point in your bathroom. Whatever you need, we will be more than happy to make it a reality. Contact us now for all your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovation needs.

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