Tile Design Inspirations for Small Bathrooms

One of the most effective elements of decor for enlarging the appearance of a small bathroom is the tile design. Both wall and floor tiling can have a great influence in visually extending the dimensions of the room. Tiling colour, texture, shape, pattern, size and placement all affect how large your small-size bath interior can […]

Lighting Design Ideas for New Kitchens

When planning lighting for your new kitchen, focus on balancing pleasing creative design and kitchen task functionality. A beautiful, inviting food prepping and cooking interior is every home chef’s dream. Yet good lighting in chopping, slicing and serving areas are also a must.  Direct lighting for your benchtop, island and stovetop are essential. However, softer, […]

5 Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Many houses and apartments have relatively small bathrooms. Even in spacious home settings with open-plan living areas, bathrooms may be stylish yet lacking in space. Especially since most homeowners and families around the globe are spending more time at home today, spacious rooms are needed. Whether your home bath is traditional, farmhouse, contemporary-chic or boho […]